Ireland Certified 2018

These organisations have made a long-term commitment to developing high-trust cultures,  and have successfully achieved the Certified Great standard.

If you get in touch with us today, your organisation could be certified as a Great Place to Work in as few as ten weeks. As soon as we confirm that you've meet the required standard, you'll have immediate use of the Certified badge, marking you out as an employer of choice in a competitive talent market.  In addition, you'll gain all the associated benefits to in the areas of performance management, talent retention, productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

The Certification process is entirely separate from our annual Best Workplaces in Ireland list, which means that you don't have to wait to promote your achievement: your organisation gets instant recognition without being ranked. Follow the link below to find out what the process entails.

Certified Great Workplaces - Currently Certified Workplaces

Sector: Financial Services & Insurance // Health Insurance
Sector: Information Technology // IT Consulting
Sector: Professional Services // Staffing and Recruitment
Sector: Financial Services & Insurance // Accounting
Sector: Financial Services & Insurance // Banking and Credit Services
Sector: Professional Services // Staffing and Recruitment
Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
Sector: Information Technology
Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
Sector: Financial Services & Insurance
Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals // Pharmaceuticals
Sector: Manufacturing & Production // Electronics
Sector: Manufacturing & Production // Energy Distribution
Sector: Manufacturing & Production
Sector: Professional Services
Sector: Retail // Food and Grocery
Sector: Social Services and Government Agencies
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