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Watt Footprint

Industrial Services // Engineering
Established in

About us

Watt Footprint is a leading energy management company, offering end-to-end solutions for businesses. Our expertise lies in energy audits, grant acquisition, project delivery, and measurement and verification. We are dedicated to helping businesses optimise their energy usage, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable outcomes, all while effectively saving energy costs.
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What defines us

Watt Footprint's workplace is truly inviting and embodies its core values in its workplace culture as an end-to-end energy management company. We firmly believe in "Doing It Right," approaching our work with a holistic view, ensuring that we set our team and clients up for long-term success by not cutting corners. "Adapt and Innovate" is in our DNA, as innovation drives us to challenge norms and adapt to achieve optimal results. We're not just activists; we're "Actionists," committed to delivering real energy savings today for a sustainable tomorrow, with our success measured by client outcomes. Being "Open and Transparent" is fundamental to us, fostering effective communication and trust, while "Team Players" means we're accountable to each other, building strong bonds and embracing collaboration. At Watt Footprint, our workplace thrives on these values, making us a cohesive, remote team united by a shared commitment to excellence.

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What inspires us

At Watt Footprint, our inspiration is driven by our dedication to both our clients and sustainability. We are motivated by the chance to assist our clients in reducing costs while promoting eco-friendliness. Our workplace culture, built on values like excellence, innovation, transparency, and teamwork, fuels our passion for developing solutions that accomplish both goals. We firmly believe that by aligning cost-efficiency with environmental responsibility, we can make a significant impact on our clients' financial success and contribute to a greener world.

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Career and jobs

Our great workplace

At Watt Footprint, our workplace is straightforward and effective. We've fully embraced remote work, but our culture is anything but distant. Teamwork, collaboration, and open communication are central to how we operate, regardless of our physical locations. Through virtual meetings, cross-functional collaboration, and a supportive atmosphere, we've built a strong sense of togetherness. Our fully remote setup, combined with our commitment to unity and collaboration, is what makes Watt Footprint's workplace truly special.

HR and Training Director

Tel: +44 7388244367
01 678 8438
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