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The Great Place to Work Methodology

The Trust Index© Employee Survey

The Trust Index© Employee Survey, measures the extent to which your organisation is considered to be a great workplace by your people. By gathering qualitative and quantitative data on the employee’s perception of their work experience, the survey provides essential information that enables you to understand your workplace environment.

Diagram Trust Model

The statements in the Trust Index© are categorised into five dimensions of the Great Place to Work® Model©. The first three dimensions, Credibility, Respect and Fairness, measure employee trust in management, while the final two, Pride and Camaraderie, assess employees’ feelings about their jobs and their colleagues.


What we provide with your survey data


Using our comprehensive collection of benchmarks, your organisation can discover what best performance being achieved in comparison to your organisation’s data – whether in your own industry, size group, Best Workplaces or other suitable benchmarks where available. This information can then be used to identify gaps in your organisation’s experience in order to focus action and achieve a competitive advantage.

Transforming Your Data into Action

The output from the Trust Index© Employee Survey is presented in seventeen categories, that act as a spring board for action. Our team can help your organisation translate your new knowledge into bottom-line improvements. This can support you in establishing a culture of evidence-based decision making.

17 Actionable Categories

Communication & Involvement - Strategy & Direction - Management & Leadership – Performance Management – Empowerment & Accountability – Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Talent Management – Career & Development – Recognition – Work Environment & Processes – Wellbeing – Engagement


Reward – Diversity & Inclusion – Our Culture – Teamwork – Corporate Social Responsibility

The Culture Audit© Submission

The Culture Audit analyses the policies, practices, programs and day-to-day management behaviours that underpin a workplace culture. It benefits organisational leaders, managers at all levels and human resource departments.

CA model

The Culture Audit is segmented into three core areas each with a further three supporting practices. Firstly, we look at how you achieve organisational objectives, examining the way in which practices help you inspire, communicate and listen. Next we examine the degree to which your employees give their personal best, by examining how you thank, develop and care for them. Finally, we investigate how employees work together as a team or family, focusing on hiring, celebrating and sharing.

The Nine Practice Areas











Culture Comparison

The Culture Audit© is unique to Great Place to Work®. It allows us to measure your organisation across nine areas and identify areas of strength and opportunity. These nine practice areas are then benchmarked by our Culture Team against the Best Workplaces while considering the key factors of Variety, Originality, All-inclusiveness, Human Touch, and Integration.

Great Place to Work

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