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Kia Ireland

Manufacturing & Production // Automotive
Established in

About us

Welcome to the Kia Ireland Great Place to Work page. Kia was founded in 1944, on the outskirts of Seoul, as a manufacturer of bicycle parts. From its humble beginnings, the company has gone from strength to strength, emerging as the driving force behind the Korean motor industry. Kia can also take credit for the production and export of Korea's first cars. As a global company, Kia Motors produces in excess of 2 million cars a year and, as such, a wide range of Kia vehicles including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses can be seen throughout the world. Kia has always been proud of its heritage - and this is reflected in its name. In fact, the word 'Kia' is derived from the Chinese characters 'ki' meaning to 'arise or come up out of' - and 'a', which refers to Asia. So, the name Kia literally means 'to come out of Asia'. Today, Kia has become a household name, with an ever-expanding range of models sold through a network of dealers in 172 countries and over 44,000 employees across the globe. But no matter how big we become, our customers remain our top priority and we aim to provide the same personal service as we did when we began, over sixty-seven years ago. Kia Ireland was established in 2004 and is currently a top five brand in terms of vehicle sales and finds itself amongst the top three brands in terms of EV sales. The Irish model line-up consists of 9 models which are retailed trough 34 authorised dealerships nationwide.

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What defines us

We aim to lead the transformation in the automotive industry by fostering an open and transparent culture that is driven by new ideas and seeks constant improvement. A culture where we put our people in the centre of everything that we do and where every voice is heard. To become an organisation that makes it a habit to provide time and space to think, plan and learn, we constantly adapt and change our behaviours. We believe that new knowledge and developing our competencies and skills bring us closer to a mindset that allows for growth and improvement, both as a company and as individuals.

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What inspires us

Our purpose is to create more time for customers so that they can focus on what they feel inspired to do and aspired to do in life. Because time is limited, it is an important element for everyone. The Kia brand addresses people with a progressive, optimistic and positive mindset. Together, we create sustainable mobility solutions for customers, the community and the global society.

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Career and jobs

Application tips

There has never been a more exciting time to work at Kia. A place where bold, creative and open-minded people thrive. We all work towards a common goal. Creating movement that inspires ideas. It's a place where people are truly inspired by what they do. And each other.

We are not just a mobility provider. We are people who create the time and the space that inspires you. If you share our belief that movement inspires ideas, then it's time you move to Kia.

Jump right in and start your career with us. Together we create the future of mobility.

Our great workplace

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