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Our Team

We believe that every organisation can be a Great Workplace

It's our mission to create a better society by helping every organisation to become a Great Place to Work for each and every employee.

Cathal Divilly

>Cathal Divilly

Jim Flynn

>Jim Flynn

Brían Sutton

>Brían Sutton

Client Relationship Manager
Claire McGeever

>Claire McGeever

Client Operations Manager
Fania Stoney

>Fania Stoney

Anthony Hickey

>Anthony Hickey

Organisational Culture Analyst
Pam Rock

>Pam Rock

Finance Manager
Marina Rivas

>Marina Rivas

Marketing & Brand Executive
Joseph Benkanoun

>Joseph Benkanoun

Digital Communications Manager

Anything we can do for you?

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Our History

A Quarter-Century Legacy

Great Place to Work® began with an unexpected discovery. In 1981 a New York editor asked two business journalists — Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz — to write a book called The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. Though the pair were skeptical they could find 100 companies that would qualify, they agreed, starting a journey that would lead to more than 25 years of researching, recognising, and building great workplaces.


History Infographic


Today, Great Place to Work Institute partners with many of the most successful and innovative businesses around the world to create, study, and recognise great workplaces. During the course of a typical year, Great Place to Work works with more than 5,500 organisations, representing over 10 million employees. These partnerships continually build our unique expertise, including our multi-industry workplace culture benchmarking and best practice databases. Our premiere Best Workplaces lists are published or distributed by market-leading news media around the world, to an audience of more than 25 million readers. The combination of this direct advisory work and media coverage is all core to how we create a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces.

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