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Frequently Asked Questions


How can my organisation get recognised as a Best Workplace?

Once you have registered with the programme, your employees will be invited to take the confidential Trust Index survey and your organisation will be requested to submit a Culture Audit. Through our assessment framework, the results of this process will allow us to determine eligibility for recognition.


Are there limits on how many employees can be surveyed?

The minimum number of employees needed to survey is 20, there is no maximum limit of participants. All employees are invited to respond but this is not enforced.


How long does the survey process last?

This will depend on the size of your organisation, but generally takes from ­­4 – 6 weeks from survey close to receiving your results.


Is the survey confidential?

Yes, Great Place to Work issue the Trust Index Survey invitation directly, upon completion the response is received and treated confidentially. It is important that individuals can respond in a secure environment.


How is the survey administered?

The most common mode of administration is through a secure web link. The Survey is launched by Great Place to Work to employees by invitation or secure web-link to ensure confidentiality, however paper surveys are also available.


How long does it take each employee to complete the survey?

The survey generally takes 10-15 minutes to complete. However, this often depends on how much the respondent wants to write in response to the open comment questions. The employee is then free to return to their normal duties.


How do we receive our results?

When your survey has closed and your Culture Audit has been assessed, our consultancy team will present the results to your chosen senior leadership team. This can be conducted on-site or remotely. You will then have access to your data and benchmarks to support action planning.


Is there a cost involved in the process?

There is an investment involved, this relies mainly upon the size of the organisation and the level of engagement sought. We are happy to advise you on this.


When is the best time to survey?

There is no “best time”, the TI Survey is a proven model & methodology that gives insight into employee perspective at that time. Understanding where your people score versus relevant benchmark is most valuable and now is the most important time.


Does it take a lot of resources and time to complete the process?

We provide full support services and guidance to reduce the impact on time and resources. We provide the survey planning & deliver the survey for you. We can offer a lighter touch culture brief requirement also.


What if we don’t meet the requirements to be recognised as a Best Workplace?

Our consultants will work with your team to develop an action plan based on the insights received through your survey and Culture Audit. We will assist you to create meaningful change within the organisation, through the lens of our tried and tested methodology. We believe that the journey to recognition is more important than recognition itself.


Do we have to enter the Best Workplaces Programme?

No, we also offer a certification programme. Through this, your organisation can be certified as a Great Place to Work but will not be included in our national Best Workplaces listings.


What other services do you offer?

There are a range of services available through Great Place to Work. We offer bespoke pulse surveys, GPTW Team training, management training sessions, action planning sessions, and culture change sessions through focus groups and semi-structured interviews.


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