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Gather & Gather Ireland

Dublin 2
Established in

About us

Gather and Gather are a catering business, becoming the fastest growing caterer in Ireland and the UK. Our business was born in 2013 and quickly built a reputation for being different and special. The core range of our service is workplace catering, cafés and bars, pop-up food, bar concepts and event catering. 

Today we challenge convention as much as we ever did. We’re firmly fixed on tomorrow and the exciting new customer experiences we are building. We help our clients maximise the potential of food, whoever it is for. Great food isn't simply about fuel, it’s about increasing productivity and improving performance, it's about happy motivated people and inspiring environments which we aim to do every day in workplace and across all of our outlets. From the very start, our mission has been simple–creating and serving our customers great quality freshly made food and drinks every day. Crafted from the finest local seasonal ingredients, food that tastes good and does you good. 

 We want everyone to feel welcome in our business and we recognise people for who they are and their individual difference is a strength for the company. We celebrate our differences and know that great minds think differently. We embrace diversity in its broadest description.  

We believe to be the challenger brand and we plan to keep doing what we do best to challenge the status quo, using innovation, great food and people as the key to our success. 

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What employees say

Gather & Gathers commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment truly sets it apart. The benefits and compensation packages are comprehensive and address all aspects of our well-being. But what truly makes G&G exceptional is its celebration culture. The company goes above and beyond to recognise and appreciate our efforts and achievements. It feels amazing to be part of a company that values and celebrates our successes, big or small. The team events at G&G promote camaraderie and foster strong relationships between us. These events not only bring us together but also remind us that we're part of something bigger, something impactful. G&G’s dedication to personal & professional growth is commendable. The training and development programs provide opportunities for us to enhance our skills and knowledge, while mentorship opportunities guide our career path toward success. G&G is more than just a workplace, it's a vibrant community that genuinely cares for its team members 

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People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnic origin.

When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.

This workplace is working to reduce its environmental impact.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

Taking everything into account, customers/clients can trust this organisation.

What defines us

Our culture is unique because our people own it. We are proud to have a strong people led culture where our team members can come to work and feel empowered to be brave and bold, stand together and do good things on a daily basis. We we take tremendous pride in the cultural diversity and inclusivity of our team. We believe that diversity enriches our workplace and fosters creativity and innovation.

Our Vision: Bringing food and people together by putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. We’re all about creating exciting, memorable food and drink experience.

Our Ideals articulate our culture and help our people understand how their approach to work can support the achievement of our purpose and vision

• We are eager to dial it up. We strive to be even better tomorrow

• We are all about sharing ideas, collaborating and loving each other’s successes

• We are planet lovers with a real hankering to care for our environment





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What inspires us

At Gather & Gather we understand that our employees are our greatest asset, and their well-being and growth are essential to our success. To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits that go beyond the basics. Our employees' physical and mental health is a top priority, we offer employee assistance programs, wellness initiatives, and flexible work arrangements. But we don't stop there. We foster a culture that recognises and appreciates the efforts and achievements of our employees. One of the ways we celebrate and recognise our team members cultural diversity is through specific cultural events and heritage months. We organise cultural celebrations and awareness campaigns to honour and appreciate the different ethnic backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs our team members bring with them all through food. These events offer a platform for team members to share their cultural experiences, showcase their unique heritage, and build cross-cultural bridges within G&G 

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At a glance

Age of employees

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Word from the top

Pauline Cox, Managing Director of Gather & Gather Ireland,

“Our people are fundamental to our success as a food services management business and to have Gather & Gather Ireland recognised as a Great Place To Work is a brilliant endorsement of our culture and policies. We aim to be one of the best companies to work for and want our teams to love what they do and have fun.”

Pauline Cox
Managing Director Gather & Gather Ireland
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Career and jobs

Application tips

To successfully achieve a robust and fair recruitment process we are committed to the principles of equality and diversity in all its employment practices, policies and procedures including recruitment, training, promotion and equal terms and conditions. We want everyone to feel welcome, we share information, we work as one big team, we recognise everyone has different skills and know that if we all work together we can bring out the best in each other.  If you're applying for a position with Gather & Gather consider how well you will: 

  • Work well with your team members
  • Always ask questions
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Enjoy your interaction with customers
  • Be willing to learn as you develop your role
  • Support new initiatives


Our great workplace

Great people are fundamental to the success of our business. Right across our food services our chefs, front of house & hospitality professionals and leaders, everyone makes a vital contribution. We are building a more diverse and inclusive workplace by listening to our people. Our goals, initiatives and commitments are sparked and also strengthened by these employee voices. Our parent organisation CH&CO employs over 10,000 employees and operates in more than 1,000 locations across Ireland and the UK. The wellbeing of our employees, inside and outside the workplace, is a priority for us. We offer a wide range of benefits and run a variety of initiatives to protect our employees and give them every opportunity to excel in their careers. We are working hard, but we know there is more work to be done. We recognise that everyone is different and has something unique to offer. We strive to respect and understand these differences and to make the most of everyone’s skills and talents. 

Ciara Grehan
HR Business Partner

Tel: 087 1489388
01 678 8438
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