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Verus Metrology Partners

Industrial Services // Engineering
Established in

About us

Verus Metrology Partners offers complete turnkey metrology solutions that are uniquely designed around each of our client’s individual measurement needs. In addition to the design, manufacture and qualification of our bespoke metrology fixtures, we also offer additional subcontract measurement services from advanced metrology labs in Ireland and the UK to clients on a global spectrum. Designed as a one-stop, complete turnkey experience, our metrology services can be included as a supplement to our superior metrology fixtures or can act as an external subcontract service to our client's existing in-house measurement processes.

Our turnkey metrology service includes Metrology Fixture Design, Moldflow Analysis, Metrology Fixture Manufacturing, Metrology Fixture Qualification & Programming, Metrology Applications Programming, Validation Metrology, Delivery, Installation and Support.

Revolutionizing the way clients measure their components, our consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investments in our people and processes, has underpinned our rapid growth over the past decade. That is why we are now the trusted turnkey metrology services provider to many of the world's leading MedTech and FMCG companies.

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What employees say

From the Design team:

Our structure allows a level of autonomy in our day-to-day activities not seen in other organisations. This empowers us to do our best work but also keeps us on our toes in regards to personally being in tune with new techniques and methods in our industry. As a department, we share all learnings and train each other on new techniques on a very regular basis.

A motto of "all ships rise with the tide is apt".

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When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.

You can count on people to cooperate.

This workplace is working to reduce its environmental impact.

The customer/client is at the centre of everything we do.

What defines us

Verus can truly be defined as unique as no other company in Ireland is set up as we are. There are no managers, all employees are on the same hierarchal level so all are peers (outside of the board of directors).

We greatly encourage self-improvement and upskilling and promote cross-department training.

We also operate a peer-led board, separate to the board of directors that consists of elected members to represent each department in any and all topics from internal culture to policy and hires.

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What inspires us

As well as our unique manager less, peer to peer system. We also have a Philanthropic committee that is responsible for our charity work and for organising team building events. These events range from group walks to trips away and even bake offs. They are organised and planned by peer volunteers that meet once a month to see what the next fun event is going to be. The highlight of last year was our first ever Verus' Next Top Dog event where the two finalists got to bring their amazing dogs in for the day.

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At a glance

Age of employees

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Word from the top

At Verus Metrology Partners, we are committed to evolving the technologies used for the metrology inspection process that have, until now, remained unchanged for more than 70 years. From across the globe, clients like you have been coming to us searching for a trusted partner that delivers working metrology solutions. Keeping this in mind, our dedicated metrology experts continue to push the boundaries surrounding the measurement process, searching for that solution.

Our consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, has underpinned our double-digit annual growth for more than a decade, as well as a customer base of international stature.

Verus Metrology Partners is more than the synergistic expression of our collective expertise. Inherent in the company’s initial setup is a widely held philosophy of continuous improvement, building relationships based on partnership, trust and complete customer service.

Andrew Hodson
Chief Executive Officer
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Career and jobs

Application tips

At Verus, we have a very unique corporate setup with a manager-less system that has a high emphasis on teamwork and personal responsibility so applicants should be highly self-driven, eager to learn new skills and develop in a team environment.

As we have a flat hierarchy, applicants will be in control of their own projects and responsibilities so good communication and time management are a must.

Our great workplace

Under the manager-less, peer-led system, each employee is solely responsible for their own output while also working as part of a larger department group. These department groups are responsible for hiring their new peers, there is no manager that selects new hires, the hiring process is done via a peer-voted committee. Upskilling is highly encouraged and is promoted across all departments with cross-training also an option.

“Being recognised as a Great Place to Work underpins some of our organisation’s key initiatives such as a growing apprenticeship programme, our employee-led shadow board as well as focused mentor and leadership training. We are enormously proud of our valued team and the trust and belief they have in our organisation. This award gives us real confidence as we guide our organisation towards growth.” Yvette Haughey – Group Finance & HR Director.

Yvette Haughey
Group Finance and HR Director

Tel: 071 9143506


Verus Metrology Partners Brochure.pdf
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Verus Metrology Partners Presentation.pdf
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01 678 8438
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