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Northside Home Care Services

Not for Profit
Established in

About us

We are a charity based in Coolock, Raheny & Balbriggan with a rich history and more than fifty five years’ experience delivering home care services to young adults with a disability and older adults in need of care and support. Across the areas we also provide family support, children and young people groups and activities and we are planning new services in Coolock and Balbriggan.

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What employees say

"Teamwork is paramount; I know I can depend on my colleagues at all times. When it comes to organisation events or hampers for the team, nobody is left out or forgotten about".

"The staff are great to work with. I enjoy the independence of working on my own, but whenever help is needed, there is plenty of support".

"They always take on board new ways to improve, your ideas are valued. They keep on top of any issues that may occur in the community. Annual training, new and upgraded skills constantly available. Always get back to you with queries. Fair when needing time off spur of the moment without any notice".

"You are listened to and your opinions are taken onboard . If there is an issue management is very approachable and issues are solved immediately".

Staff Team
Health Care Assistants
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Word from the top

Northside Home Care Services 

Eamonn Dunne
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Career and jobs

Application tips

Our first thought when we hire people are the children, families and individuals who depend on us to provide a professional service and this requires great staff.  We look for people with real life experience, a sense of humor, an interest in helping people and an ability to work as part of a team.  QQI Qualifications  are a great help but as we are looking to hire people to have a career with us and not just to fulfill an immediate need, training is supported for the right person at the right time.  

We invest a great deal of time in our recruitment and hiring processes to ensure that new staff fit with our values and culture. We check references, seek Garda clearance for all staff and filter everything we see and hear throughout the interview process, through our core values of:

Respect, dignity and concern for others

Honesty and Integrity

Teamwork and Collaboration

Can do positive attitude



Our great workplace

Join us at Northside Home Care Services where care, support and interventions are provided by by some of the most caring, professional people in the business.  We know it takes teamwork, passion and a culture built on respect and belief in our people to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our clients live with many challenges affecting different stages of the life cycle and deserve the very best we can give.  Our  employees are social care workers, nurses, health care assistants, managers and a social worker and more than 100 volunteers.

If you are looking for a relentless dedication to creating an environment where you will do your best, most innovative work? An opportunity to help people improve their lives one by one? A meaningful career where your continuous learning and development are top priorities? Well, we offer all of that and more.  We support staff, celebrate their successes, reward excellence and thoroughly enjoy what we do.





Carla Mulhall
Human Resources

Tel: 01-8675220
1 Job offer
Coolock, Raheny, Balbriggan
01 678 8438
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