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Culture Consultancy

At Great Place to Work, we assist companies in transforming their workplaces at every point of their journey. We provide a range of services to enable organisations of all kinds to set themselves up for success, through action planning and widescale cultural change programmes. Our approach is rooted in international best practice, resting on the global reach of the Great Place to Work network. We can work in partnership with your team to identify the interventions which will best meet your unique requirements, and partner with you throughout the implementation of the change programme.

Team Training


This training session is designed to give your internal Great Place to Work project team a clear understanding of the model and methodology, and the process that we use to analyse and evaluate organisations. The session is structured around tangible shared examples of practices implemented by other teams around the world and answers common questions about the process such as "What makes the best teams highly effective?", "How many people should be on the team?", "Which functions should be represented on the team?", and "How often should the team meet?". The aim of the training session is to ensure the team and wider organisation are set up for success at every point of the programme. This training module can be implemented pre-survey, or after the results are delivered to develop a culture change programme.



Giftwork™ is any interaction in the workplace where an employee or manager makes the effort to give more than is expected or required, and increases the level of trust. We know that, if unlocked correctly, Giftwork has the power to radically transform organisations. We've developed a two-day Giftwork training programme for People Managers at every level of your organisation. This hands-on interactive programme equips managers with a toolkit to build trust, foster teamwork, and create an environment in the workplace where employees feel encouraged to go above and beyond; building a sustainable foundation for a high-performing, agile organisation.

Focus Groups and Semi-Structured Interviews


Focus groups and semi-structured interviews can be powerful aids in acquiring deeper insight from employees on survey findings. We utilise both of these to uncover and elicit information in an open, confidential environment where issues highlighted in the survey can be explored in more detail and where their context can be fleshed out further. We typically conduct focus areas with six to eight participants, whereas semi-structured interviews are carried out on a 1:1 basis. The outputs of both of these approached can provide an effective qualitative diagnostic support to culture change action planning.

Action Planning


Action Planning is a process used to help teams and organisations to focus their goals, insights, and ideas. We work with senior teams and Great Place to Work teams to create a framework for identifying, measuring, and embedding change to create high performing and sustainable organisations. The planning session helps to clarify what further steps are needed to achieve particular aims. Our approach uses the deep insights obtained from the Trust Index© employee survey in tandem with our Culture Audit© assessment to identify where your organisation should focus its change programme, and what areas can be enhanced over a given time period. Focus groups, semi-structured interviews, and detailed survey reporting can all aid an action planning process that is strongly aligned to strategy and culture change.

Pulse Survey


A Pulse Survey is a fast and agile way to gain quick insights into the health of a company: hence the name 'Pulse'. These surveys can be carried out at any time, and as frequently as you'd like, to 'check in' with your team and see where their sentiment is at. Conducting a Pulse Survey means that you'll get an up-to-date insight into trust levels in your organisation without having to wait until a primary survey has been carried out. Pulse Surveys are also a useful way to evaluate and determine the return on investment for various internal initiatives - for example, you might conduct a Pulse Survey with your leaders, then provide a Leadership Development Programme, before doing another Pulse Survey.

Culture and Values Definition


We can help you to understand or define your culture by identifying a series of behaviours that align with your organisational values. Using a best practice framework and methodology, we can help to identify values if you do not yet have them defined, and then create an outline of the behaviours that are linked to those values. We can help you to describe values and behaviours in an authentic and accessible way, that employees can apply to their everyday experience. In this way, values and behaviours can become the lived basis of your culture, accelerating your cultural change programme.

Senior Team Facilitation


The Senior Team Facilitation session is a powerful aid to creating a cohesive team, align key features such as a common vision, philosophy, shared team values, and subsequent expected behaviours. This session supports the development of the senior team, increasing its effectiveness by building a common understanding of the current business challenges, along with preparation for future change and strategic goals. The session can be conducted pre- or post-survey, but the data acquired through the survey process provides a powerful understanding of personal, team, and organisational successes and the factors which might adversely impact performance. During the sessions, individual, team, and organisational priorities are established and a clear plan for implementation is created.

Management and Leadership Development


Our research shows that leaders and managers occupy key positions to have powerful magnifier effects on trust and cultural change in an organisation. Our management and leadership programmes utilise the expertise and methodology of Great Place to Work to enable managers and leaders to understand how they can affect their culture to create a high-trust environment. The Great Manager and Leader programmes combine up to the minute content in a series of masterclasses with Trust Accelerator™ Coaching. Topics can be customised to the needs of your organisations and can include Impactful Conversations, Who Am I As A Leader, and How Trust Changes Culture.

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