1 Every 2 Will Do!

I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas...

Speed, Diversity, and Disrespect recommended by European CEOs for success!

Just over two months ago at the Great Place to Work Conference and Awards in Athens I had the privilege of inviting a few European CEOs from Abbvie, DHL Express,...

The Danish Way

In the 2018 list of European Best Workplaces, 56 of the organisations recognised were Scandinavian. Among those there were 19 Danish companies.

Why Arsenal Football Club need to improve their Employer Brand - and become a Great Place to Work.

John Ryan has a serious concern for the future of Arsenal FC, believing that unless immediate action is taken to turn the tide on their...

An Uncomfortable Truth

Everyone knows that pay is a contentious issue in most organisations. Setting pay in a fair way can be considered both an art and a...

The Power of Towers

Would you climb to the top if your people made a human tower? 

The Talent Conundrum

When I ask a Human Resource Director for their top three concerns – the things that keep them up at night, the problems that seem challenging to crack – without...

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