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A Great Place to Work

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A Great Place to Work: What Makes Some Employers So Good - And Most So Bad?


In his classic 1988 book, Great Place to Work®Institute co-founder Robert Levering uses interviews and anecdotes from his early best employers research to show why trust between employees and management is the essential ingredient to creating a great workplace.


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“Good workplaces are worth examining if for no other reason than that they enrich the lives of the people working there. ... Since most of us spend the greater part of our waking hours at work, this is no small matter.” — Robert Levering, Co-founder, Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work Institute co-founder Robert Levering decided to depart from the usual approach – looking at what’s wrong with bad workplaces and how to fix them. He instead sought to discover with is right with truly great workplaces. Levering interviewed employees and managers at every level of the top 20 “Best of the best” workplaces that he examined in his original ground-breaking, best-seller book, The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.

In this now-classic book, reprinted from the original 1988 version, Levering uses interviews and anecdotes from the best employers to:

  • Show why the most essential ingredient of a great workplace is trust between employees and management;
  • Explain why conventional management practices make it difficult to create a good workplace environment; and
  • Provide case studies of positive and negative transformations of workplaces.

The inspiring lesson is that any company can become a great workplace. The book helps employees interpret daily experiences at work and determine what they should expect. It also informs well-meaning employers with ideas and tips about how to improve the quality of a working environment.