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Knowing Us, Knowing You, Ahaaaaaa! How should we keep in touch?

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Like most organisations, we use many social media channels to keep in touch with people who have an interest in great workplaces.

But it's sometimes overwhelming - there really is such a thing as 'too much information'.  Here's a quick outline of the choices we offer you, along with an explanation of how and why we use each medium - the idea is to allow you to choose the channels that work best for you, and ignore the rest!.

1. www.greatplacetowork.ie :  Our main communications platform - think of it as Mission Control or Grand Central Station!.

We have it all here! News, views, articles, blogs, information on our services, a searchable database of the World's Best Workplaces, information and registration options for our events .... the works! 

Find our best stuff by using the search box or click on any category or topic in the list on the bottom-right of most pages.

2 . Facebook : If our website is 'Great Place to Work in its Sunday Best', - Facebook is how we look on Casual Friday! Think tracksuit, or t-shirt and jeans! This is where you can see us at our relaxed-best.

We use Facebook in two ways. We regularly offer free and discounted stuff - books; tickets to our events; tickets to other people's events .... and from time to time, unrelated giveaways such as tickets to Rugby Internationals and concerts. That's part of our 'Thanking Programme' - a small way to show our appreciation for the attention you give us.

We also post lots of professional photos from our events such as conferences, awards dinner etc, which are always free for you to download and distribute. If you have a Facebook account it makes sense to join our Facebook Community - it's easy to keep an eye on what we put up there and, given the relatively small community around us, you'll always be in with a good chance of scooping a freebie or discounted tickets.

3 . Twitter : Hear ye, hear ye..... we use Twitter as a high-tech Town Crier.

When we've something important to say, we say it on Twitter. And we keep quiet the rest of the time (we don't want to be the people who put the 'Twit' in 'Twitter'!). Our intention is that when you see a tweet from us, you'll know that it's worth looking into.

We average about 10 tweets a week, usually to announce new events, new articles or blogs posted on the website, ticket giveaways, or important deadlines. We sometimes tweet about great, relevant articles by other people but we're fairly selective about this. If you're on Twitter, and you like to be among the first to know about things, it makes sense to follow us. (https://twitter.com/#!/GPTW_Ireland)

4 . YouTube Channel : As you'd expect - videos! Lot's of them! We select the content strictly so that it's all relevant. Topics include


The best way to keep in touch with what we post on YouTube is to subscribe to our channel - that way, you'll be notified every time we post a new video. You'll find a Subscribe button in the top panel on our YouTube Channel, as illustrated.

5. 'Trust Matters' Newsletter : We've broken all of the rules about e-Newsletters over the last few years - too irregular, too long-winded, too-self-serving etc.... - but we've learnt our lessons and now we do it right!

We send out a monthly newsletter which contains a short summary of each item, with a link to allow you to read more, if you're interested in that topic.

We'll also send about six or eight other emails during the year to let you know about important events or opportunities. I highly recommend that you join our subscription list if you're not already on it - there's a sign-up box on most pages on our website, or just do it now by clicking here

So in summary.....

Bob Lee is Communications Director, EMEA with Great Place to Work International.



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