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Working at Great Place to Work® provides an unparalleled opportunity to partner with some of the biggest brands, most creative minds and inspiring leaders who sit at the forefront of creating and maintaining innovative and successful organisations. As a mission-driven organisation, we're thrilled to be part of this global transformation effort! We welcome talented, high-energy, fun team members to join our team and help us create a better society by helping organisations transform their workplaces.

Thank you for your interest in Great Place to Work and our work. We are not currently recruiting in Ireland, but if you are interested in working with us feel free to try to convince us that we would be mad not to take you on!

Post your CV along with a covering letter setting out your case (no emails please - that's just too easy!) to John Ryan, CEO, at:

Great Place to Work
Hambleden House
19/26 Pembroke Street Lower
Dublin 2

You can also research positions at other Great Place to Work offices.


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Our efforts are aimed at building a social movement to change the quality of work life for all employees throughout the world.

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Measure and understand your workplace culture, take focused action to change it, and learn from the best.